Can You Rewire Your Brain?

It took me 2 minutes to type that headline. Today, I’m switching to the Colemak keyboard layout. I do a lot of typing and the Colemak layout promises to be faster and more efficient–if I can rewire my brain and switch from the antiquated QWERTY. This is my new keyboard. Wish me luck.  

The Time You Have In Jelly Beans

I like January 1st. It’s Tabula Rasa. A blank slate. The world is your oyster and you can start anew.¬†But January 2nd through the rest of winter is a long miserable shiver-fest. Everyone scurries between their cars and indoors like they’re walking in fast-forward. Judging by the weeping sound I heard this morning when I… Continue Reading

A Christmas Story

I don’t reread books very often, especially not in the same year. Yet, this week I’ve been pulled back into reading Jean Shepherd’s A Christmas Story (essays taken from the also great In God We Trust: All Others Pay Cash). This is the first time I can remember where I don’t know if the book… Continue Reading

How To Get and Keep Someone’s Attention

I don’t like watching the nightly¬†news. While falling asleep, I like the image of portly, fluffy sheep leaping fences running through my mind instead of the local murders of the day. Yet, in the last two weeks, I’ve listened to about 8 hours of someone talking about a murder that happened more than 10 years… Continue Reading