There are a number of clever Facebook and “social media in real life” spoofs, but this is the best I’ve seen, especially if you enjoy slightly dark humor.   To lighten the mood after that video, watch the funniest social media agency parody I’ve come across:

Ever Wonder Why?

Everyone who uses mouthwash does so because they want cleaner and whiter teeth. How many people, including myself until recently, consider how strange it is to attempt to whiten your teeth with a substance that is artificially dyed blue, green, or purple? Why did I only recently learn that I had been peeling bananas wrong my… Continue Reading

You Are Contagious

“What do you recommend?” About 20% of the time I ask someone that question, I regret it. This was one of those times. I was at the Grand Canyon. The Mrs. and I were driving from Scottsdale to the Grand Canyon to the Hoover Dam and finally on to Vegas, all in one day. At… Continue Reading